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Observer 4 - Ministry of Economy and Transport, Hungary

  • Ministry of National Development
    H-1054 Budapest, Akadémia u. 3.
    Tel.: +36 1 795 1700

Observer 4

The Ministry of Economy and Transport has tasks and responsibilities in the following policy areas: development, national wealth, national infrastructures (energetic and transport) and info-communication.

In connection with the development policy, the Ministry is responsible for establishing and executing the Hungarian and EU development policy, synchronizing the developments in the different sectors of the economy, developments in tourism, research and development and technical innovation, the performance of activities related to space research.

Contact persons


  • Mr. Attila Rakos
    Counsellor, Department for International Relations, Ministry of National Development

    Tel. 06 1 795 68 77
    Fax 06 1 795 06 55


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