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LP - Central European Initiative - Executive Secretariat

LP - Central European Initiative

The Central European Initiative is an interregional initiative of 18 Member States, two of which are old Member States (Italy, Austria) seven are new (Bulgaria, Check Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romani, Slovakia, Slovenia) and nine are non EU Member States (Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine). Since its establishment 20 years ago, the CEI has developed consolidated channels of dialogue with central and local authorities on the basis of the privileged institutional links established at local, regional and international level across its Member States. Among others, the CEI has been mostly active in the fields of transport, energy, environment, spatial planning, SMEs, information society technologies, cross border cooperation and regional development.

The CEI Secretariat for EU Projects was created in January 2004 to enhance the involvement of Central and Eastern European countries in EU projects and programmes. The CEI Secretariat for EU Projects has the following main objectives: i. Promoting the participation of CEI countries in multilateral EU programmes and projects; ii. Facilitating and supporting the participation of non-EU countries in European projects; iii. Spreading information about cooperation opportunities; iv. Assisting in networking with partners from Central and Eastern Europe.

Contact persons


  • Ms. Anna Marconato
    SEETAC Project and Financial Manager

    Tel. +39 040 7786748
    Fax +39 040 7786783


  • Mr. Carlo Fortuna
    SEETAC Content Manager and Focal point for Transport/ Corridor V

    Tel. +39 040 7786751
    Fax +39 040 7786783


  • Ms. Ana Sinkovic
    Junior Project Officer; Communication

    Tel. +39 040 7786758
    Fax +39 040 7786783


  • Mr. Bogdan Iustin Birnbaum
    Junior Project Officer; Technical support

    Tel. +39 040 7786 749
    Fax +39 040 7786783


  • Mr. Ivan Zupan
    Project Assistant

    Tel. +39 040 7786763
    Fax +39 040 7786783


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