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IPA PP2 - Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, Croatia

  • Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure
    Krležin Gvozd 1 a
    Zagreb, Croatia

IPA PP2 - Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure

The Ministry of the Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure manages administrative and other activities related to: comprehensive measures for protection of the Adriatic Sea, islands and coastal area and their sustainable development, including outlining of development policy and establishment of a complete system of planning, programming, managing and financing of islands and coastal area; planning, drafting and implementation of transport, communal and social infrastructure strategic documents and projects on the islands and coastal area; analysing the management of sea resources and sea shores, passing of measures for rational usage of the sea as natural resource, supervision of implementation of concessions in the ecological and fisheries protection area and concessions for building of fish hatcheries; management of domestic and international sea, road, rail, air, inland waterway transport as well as postal and telecommunications service; proposing development strategy for all transport modes; managing sea pollution prevention, sea ports, sea insurance and maritime agencies; inland waterway ports, inland goods transportation centers; airports, rolling stock, excluding issues under the responsibility of other ministries; postal and telecommunications; drafting of technical conditions, and conditions for use of facilities, technical equipment and telecommunications and radio communications, passing of by-laws for concessions for performing services in public communications; broadcasting and distribution of radio and television programs; international coordination of radio frequency usage, usage of radio frequencies; issuance of permits for radio stations to domestic and foreign users; inspection; providing safety of seafaring, domestic and international road transport and roads, except for activities under the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior, railroad transport safety, air transport safety, inland waterway navigation safety, telecommunication and postal services and telecommunication transport as well as radio frequencies supervision.

The Ministry of the Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure performs administrative and professional work relating to organisation of the preparation of strategic infrastructural projects and investment programmes of exceptional importance for the Republic of Croatia as well as to preparing propositions for the adoption by the Government of the Republic of Croatia; organizes related major infrastructure projects works and building of facilities and equipment of water management system except its reconstruction and maintenance as well as other major infrastructure works financed in total or partly by the state budget, coordinates activities of other bodies involved in building of such facilities, monitors and controls such investments and performs other specialised works related to initiating, coordination and supervision of works as stipulated in the legislation defining the development of islands and coastal area. The Ministry performs all other activities entrusted to it by the Law.

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  • Ms. Martina Skvorc
    Head of Section, Directorate for Transport Infrastracture - Sector for EU Funds and International Cooperation

    Tel. +385 1 3783931
    Fax +385 1 3783901


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