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IPA PP1 - Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Albania

IPA PP1 - Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Albania

Mission of MPWTT

The Mission of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Albania is: formulation, application and monitoring of the policies, programs, norms and national standards of road infrastructure, transports, public services, space and housing planning, with ascertainment aim of a sustainable development and promotion for private investments and economic growth, considering used sources available in manner with productivity, effective and direct.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport is the institution in charge of the:

  1. Road transport activity, which deals with drafting the policies of road transport (introduction to the transport market of the transport operators for goods and passengers) and regulatory functions (licenses of urban, interurban and international transport of passengers and transport of goods).
    The main policies in this spectrum are characterised by the following:
    1. The establishment of a legal and regulatory framework pursuant the European standards and requests which has to insure the facilitation of transporters entrance in the market, optimum operations for the transport services based on a high level competency as well as the reduction of non-physical barriers. In addition, the policy shall focus on the enhancement of the legislation for avoiding the unfair competition, as well as the rigid implementation of the bilateral and multilateral agreements dealing with Road Transport.
    2. Application of the reciprocity principle in achieving the commercialisation of the road transport and the issuance of the unlimited right for transit transport of other countries through Albania. The adoption (on 01 Dec 2006) of the Temporary Agreement on Trade and Commercial Cooperation between the European Community on one side and the Republic of Albania on the other side has led to the liberalisation of the transit transport with the other EU countries.
    3. Implementation of the programme related to the weights and dimensions, the controls on the side of the road, through the Albanian legislation approximation to the EU one. In this way, Albania agrees that the road vehicles which meet the EU standards as regards the weights and dimension may travel without problem in the regional roads infrastructure network. The vehicles that do not meet the existing Albanian standards (vehicles in exceed of the weights and border gabarite defined limits) may be subject to an extra non-discriminatory tax, which reflects the caused damage by the extra weight on the axis.
    4. Approximation of the legislation related to the roads transport staff training, especially the ones related directly to the hazardous goods as defined by the EU standards.
  2. Road Safety and its component elements
    Sectorial policies in the field of road safety, aiming at increasing the life and health protection services through the prevention and minimisation of the roads accidents, shall follow the below listed actions:
    1. Enforcement of the necessary legal amendments in order to ensure a better traffic management and increase of road safety. Such amendments shall be represented by the Albanian legislation approximation with the European one;
    2. Improvement of the roads and road signs conditions, in compliance with the European standards;
    3. Implementation of the roads safety auditing procedures for the road safety elements integration from the very early stages of design to the final implementation;
    4. Enhancement of traffic discipline and management of vehicle speeds;
    5. Issuance of driving license through a better quality teaching and testing of the candidates to drive;
    6. Increase of the vehicles technical inspection quality, through assignation with concession the vehicle technical check points;
    7. Public education of the traffic rules including all ages, especially the school pupils;
  3. Maritime Transport: transportation of passengers and goods internal/domestic transportation (cabotage), touristic and sports' navigation, monitoring of maritime traffic and hydrograph/surveillance.
    The strategy of the Albanian Maritime Transport aims at:
    1. Creating, reorganising of the Maritime Administrate Institutions as well as capacity increasing in compliance with the European standards;
    2. Cooperating with powerful business operator based on the public-private sector partnership for the modernisation of the Maritime Ports as well as creating the Maritime lines for increasing the goods transport for both import-export and transiting;
    3. Initiating the actions to ensure the improvement of technical standards and management levels of the Albanian fleet;
    4. Reviving the internal Maritime transport especially the passengers transport;
    5. Increasing the Albanian ships classifying standards and levels;
    6. Encouraging the international tourism sailing, with Maritime sport means and sail boats
  4. Railway transport
    The policies to meet objectives. In the framework of the defined strategy and policy, the following objectives are to be met during the mid-term plan:
    1. Studying of the Community Legislation with regard to railway transport;
    2. Implementation of the conducted study on the arrangements for the passengers transport units, the goods transport business units, infrastructure management and maintenance business unit and the railway means services unit;
    3. Participation in the working groups conducting the study "On the establishment of the High Performance regional railway network";
    4. Application of the National Transport Plan conclusions and recommendations on the railway transport;
    5. Improvement of the services to passengers in the railway line Tirana - Durres;
    6. Prioritisation of the concessionary options for interested foreign companies.
    All legal initiative, studies and reforms to be undertaken shall comply with the respective European legislation.
  5. Air transport
    The main policies in the Air Transport aim at:
    1. Creating a unique operational and legal infrastructure on both national and regional levels through efficient application of aero-portal legislation and projects in order to ensure the increase in the movement capacities and in finding the efficient methods for private capitals attraction. A special importance shall be given to the rigid implementation of the legal obligations deriving from the adherence to the Air Transport International Conventions and Agreements.
    2. Creating a competitive, non-discriminatory, liberalised market for air transport operation services with the goal to increase the fee movement of goods and passengers.
    3. Optimising the useful transport elements such as the movement speed and commodity through the liberalisation and the increase of processing capacities in the "Mother Teresa" Tirana International Airport, as well as modernising the air traffic administration through the Air Traffic Master Plan application.
    4. Implementing the Rinas Airport Concessionaire Contract that started in 2005.
    5. Approximating to the international safety and security standards through the compilation of the respective national documentation for the safety and security in the civil aviation, practical application of the documents that regulate the aviation safety procedures as well as the establishment of the "Aviation Electronic Library" for maintaining all the aviation related services information and documentations.

Contact persons


  • Ms. Rovena Muzhaqi
    Director, Directorate of Integration and Project Management

    Tel. +355 4 22380734
    Fax +355 4 2258323


  • Mr. Ervin Minarolli
    General Director, Directorate of Policy and planning on transport and telecommunications



  • Mr. Arjan Budo
    Directorate of Road Transport Policies

    Tel. +355 (0) 4 2232320
    Fax +355 (0) 4 2227945



  • Mr. Kujtim Hashorva
    Director of Road Transport Policies, Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Albania

    Tel. +355 4 2258318


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