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ERDF PP8 – Informest, Italy

ERDF PP8 - Informest

Informest was established in 1991 under the Italian Law 9/1/91 n.19, with the objective of promoting economic development and internationalisation process.

Co funding bodies:

  1. Friuli Venezia Giulia Region
  2. Veneto Region
  3. ICE - Italian Institute for Foreign Trade


  1. Union of the Italian Chamber of Commerce
  2. Unioncamere Veneto
  3. Unioncamere Friuli Venezia Giulia
  4. Trento Autonomous Province
  5. Trentino Alto Adige Region

Ordinary Associates:

  1. Chamber of Commerce of Gorizia
  2. Municipality of Gorizia

Informest is one of the four national agencies for cooperation in the area of Southeast Europe (L.84/01). Informest working with Central Institutions, regional and local Authorities, International organisation, carried out more than 200 project acting as both implementing body of national and regional programmes and also as coordinator of transnational projects in the financial and technical management.

Since its foundation Informest has continued to increase the number of focus countries: from Southeast Europe to the Baltic Sea, from Russia to the Republics of the former Soviet Union and looking towards Far Eastern countries such as China Mongolia and Vietnam.

Informest counts on 34 people as permanent staff specialised in international relations, project management, supported by a network of more than 50 local highly qualified correspondents. Informest has also its own web-farm specialised in software development, design, development and update of web sites.

Contact persons


  • Ms. Sandra Sodini
    Ms. Sandra Sodini
    Director of Economic Cooperation Dept.; Member of the Steering Committee

    Tel. +39 0481 597411
    Fax +39 0481 537204





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