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ERDF PP7 - EURAC research, Italy

ERDF PP7 - Eurac research

The European Academy of Bolzano/Bozen (EURAC) is South Tyrol's innovative centre for research and training. Founded in 1992 as private institution, the EURAC is composed of specialized institutes. About 200 members of staff conduct research and training activities in the following fields: applied linguistics, minorities and autonomies, sustainable development, management and corporate culture, as well as life sciences.

The activities of EURAC's Institute for Regional Development and Location Management focus thematically on sustainable development in mountain areas. In regional, national and international projects, the research aims to identify solutions that preserve and improve the quality of life in South Tyrol, the Alps and other mountain regions. In doing so, the Institute plays a vital role in an international network of public authorities and other research institutions.

The research area Regional Development analyses spatial and socio-economic development in mountain areas. The main objective is the analysis of interdependencies between mountain space and the sectors of transport, agriculture and nature conservation. In a regional and transnational setting, the research focuses on environmental impacts, CO2-balances, agro-structural developments, value-added chains and ecological networks. The derived scenarios and strategies form the basis of stakeholder decision-making.

The research area Location Management deals with the economic, political and spatial framework conditions needed to maintain the long-term competitiveness of a location. The main research fields are tourism, culture and economy, as well as integrated town and city urban development. In addition to elaborating quality and cooperation strategies for stakeholders, another objective of this research area is to develop products and services that foster competitive destinations and business locations.

The competencies of the Institute include:

  • Monitoring of mountain areas
  • Traffic planning
  • Analysis of agro-structural change
  • Nature conservation and management
  • Cross-border collaboration
  • Destination development and management
  • Moderation of urban and regional development processes
  • Integrated product development
  • Destination governance


EURAC's Institute for Regional Development and Location Management is partner in two other projects within the traffic sector co-funded by the European Union under the Alpine Space Programme for European Territorial Cooperation. Implementation of Monitoring of road traffic related effects in the Alpine Space and common measures (iMONITRAF!) and Transalpine Transport Architects (TRANSITECTS).

iMONITRAF!s objectives are to develop common strategies for transalpine traffic and to put them into action. A long-lasting political network shall be established, which serves as common voice of the Alpine regions and which is recognised on regional, national and EU level. It pushes innovative measures for more sustainable regional development. iMONITRAF! will develop a broad political network to find common strategies.

TRANSITECTS aims at making the rail network more attractive and hence to foster its accessibility and functionality for the logistic market. The focus lies on developing innovative transnational rail services, on optimizing the use of existing rail infrastructure and on improving the accessibility of inland terminals. In the project public institutions design common transnational intermodal solutions for freight transport in the Alpine Space.


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