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ERDF PP4 - Ministry of Environment, Sea and Land Protection, Italy

ERDF PP4 - Italian Ministry of Environment, Sea and Land Protection

The Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will have a double role in the project, since it chairs the Corridor V and Corridor VIII Steering Committee. It therefore coordinates the work of the two corridors within the Axis policy. The ministry will have the concrete possibility to put into place the results of the SEETAC project since it has the decisional power to define and implement transport strategies in the Italian territory. A representative of the Ministry will be also a member of the SEETAC Project Steering Committee that will supervise and approve the project implementation (WP Technical Reports, Progress Reports, Final Report) to be submitted to the Managing Authority of SEE Programme and will act as Evaluation Committee of any externalisation of the TA services. Moreover the ministry will assume the role of coordinator, as all the other ministries, by participating in the decision making process of the project's steering committee.

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