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ERDF PP3 - Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Italy

ERDF PP3 - Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

Functions and tasks of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport: The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has functions and duties in the following functional areas:

  1. Planning the infrastructural networks and the works for the modal integration between the transportation systems
  2. Housing construction, urban areas
  3. Navigation and maritime transport; supervision on ports; maritime government property; safety navigation and inland water transport; civil aviation and air transport
  4. Land transport, traffic and land transports safety
  5. Air transport, discipline and rules, address, supervision of the sector institutions

The Ministry also looks out the National Agency for the Safety of Railways.

To carry out its functions, the Ministry is divided into eighteen General Directions, and in two departments:

  1. Department of infrastructures, general affairs and human resources
  2. Department of transports, navigation and informative and statistical systems.

Under the Ministry competence there are others nine Interegional Departement for public works, five regional General Directions and the Port Authorities General Command.

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