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ERDF PP2 - Hellenic Ministry of Infrastructures, Transport and Networks

The Ministry through its General Secretariats of Transport and Communications is responsible for planning and implementing national policy as well as creating the appropriate institutional framework of top quality transport, mass transit and telecom under conditions of healthy competition.

MITN through its General Secretariats of Public Works and Co-financed Works is responsible for all stages of the procurement of public works. Moreover, the Ministry is responsible for the construction of public buildings (i.e. hospitals). Through its General Secretariat of the Aegean and Island Policy a well balanced maritime and island policy is developed, implemented and promoted.

Contact persons


  • Mr. Georgios Patsiavos
    Mr. Georgios Patsiavos
    Head of International Affairs Division

    Tel. +30 210 6508441
    Fax +30 210 6508409


  • Ms. Vassiliki Kolovou
    Head of the International Affairs Division, Transport Sector

    Tel. +30 2106508441


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