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ERDF PP10 - Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Romania

  • Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure – ROMANIA
    38 Dinicu Golescu Blvd., Sector 1
    Bucharest, Romania

ERDF PP10 - Romanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI) is the specialized body of central public administration, which establishes transport policy and national strategy and elaborates specific development regulations and harmonization of transport activities within the general policy of the Government.

MTI has the mechanisms to ensure implementation of these policies through the subordinated units and acts as the State Authority for transport and infrastructure.

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is the central public responsible for the development, regulation and implementation of community transport policies.

MTI's mission is to increase Romania's accessibility by integration of national transport networks - rail, road, sea, air (and logistics) to European networks, together with a balanced development of national transport, local and regional economy, improving passenger comfort and increasing their safety, freight efficiency, increasing population mobility and improving environmental quality.

MTI's common values are:

  1. Vision, results and effectiveness;
  2. Professionalism, competence, integrity;
  3. Open to new;
  4. Transparency, cooperation and open dialogue;
  5. Fairness and human quality.

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure transport policy seeks to align continuous national transport system to the principles of Community Transport Policy.

Contact persons


  • Mr. Catalin Costache
    Programming Unit Team – MA SOP Transport

    Tel. +40 750032263


  • Ms. Maria Istrate
    Legal adviser at the General Directorate for Foreign Financial Affairs

    Tel. +40 021 3199565 int.268



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