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Newsletter 6 - April 2010
SEETAC’s Third Project meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria

On 27th, 28th April 2010 SEETAC'S Third Project meeting will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria. The meeting will be hosted by the Bulgarian Ministry Transport, Information Technology and Communications, organized in cooperation with the SEETAC's lead partner - CEI.

The first day's discussion will be focused on administrative matters, organisation of the next ministerial conference in Albania, SEETAC's external communication and financial matters. The meeting will end with a ...read more

ITALBALK sub-project launched in Belgrade

For years the cooperation among the Balkan countries and the Italian government, represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economic Development, has drawn its strength from the firm interest shown by some numerous Italian regional authorities. 

In 2009 an ambitious integrated project ITALMED - ITALBANK was launched, thanks to the Italian financial governmental Support programme to regional cooperation. The main aim was to suppo...read more

General Assembly of the Network of Polytechnic Schools of the MediterraneanGeneral Assembly of the Network of Polytechnic Schools of the Mediterranean

In Thessaloniki, from April 15th to 17th 2010, it took place the General Assembly of the Network of Polytechnic Schools of the Mediterranean (Réseau Méditerranéen des Ecoles d' Ingénieurs - RMEI). A round table on "Med-Tracking initiative", funded by the Invest in Med Programme, was organized on the last day of works of the General Assembly.

The business and innovation community "Med-Tracking", was launched in November 2009 in Marsei...read more

Fifth International Congress on Transport ResearchFifth International Congress on Transport Research

The Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (H.I.T.E.) and the Hellenic Institute of Transport (H.I.T.) organize the «5th International Congress on Transport Research» with major subject: «Energy, environment and transport». The organization o...read more

World Conference on Transport ResearchWorld Conference on Transport Research

The 12th World Conference on Transport Research will be held in Lisbon, Portugal in July (11th - 15th) 2010. The objective of the WCTRS (World Conference on Transport Research Society) is to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas among transportation researchers, managers, policy makers, and educators from all over the world, from a perspective which is multi-modal, multi-disciplinary, and ...read more

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