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Newsletter 5 - March 2010
SEETAC’S First Ministerial Conference held in Bucharest, RomaniaSEETAC’S First Ministerial Conference held in Bucharest, Romania

The first SEETAC Ministerial Conference took place on 3rd February 2010 in Bucharest.

This was the first public event gathering high political representatives and their respective Directors of the Ministry of Transports from the countries of the SEETAC partnership[1].

Mr. Alexandru Cucu, Director of the Romanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure opened the meeting stressing the importance of the SEETAC project at both national and transnational...read more

Interview with Mr. Alexandru Șerban Cucu, General Director at the Ministry of Transport of Romania

1) The European Union policy objectives promote environment- friendly means of transport, rail river and maritime transport in particular, aiming at enhancing inter-operability and inter-modality what are the main intermodal projects involving your country?

The achievement of our policy objectives in the field of environmental sustainability is a constant goal in the investment process of Romanian transport infrastructure, especially through Sectoral Op...read more

First International Desk held in Gorizia: Scenarios of Development in the Adriatic – Balkan AreaFirst International Desk held in Gorizia: Scenarios of Development in the Adriatic – Balkan Area

Transport Workshop "Port and retro-port network in Adriatic-Balkan area"

On March 8th and 9th, 2010 in Gorizia (Italy) the First International Desk under the title "Scenarios of Development in the Adriatic-Balkan Area" was held. The Forum was organised by  Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) Region in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the hosting Municipality of Gorizia and the Banca Popolare FriulAdria/Crédit Agrico...read more

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