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The 9th SEETAC Project and Steering Committee Meeting

The 9th SEETAC Project and Steering Committee Meeting was held on 26th and 27th June 2012 in Vienna in the premises of the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology. With regard to the advanced schedule of the project this meeting is the last formal technical meeting before the finalisation of the project.  So it focussed on closing some of the WPs and identifying the remaining work for the other WPs.

On WP3 (Database management system) there has been limited need for discussions, the results have been presented in brief, the technical reports and the data base are available for further use.

The experts of WP4 presented the validated infrastructure scenarios and main modelling outcomes, which show an interesting picture of the modelling work and forecasting for 2020. The outcomes of the WP include traffic demand in different infrastructure scenarios related to interregional traffic flows as well as the environmental effects caused by this traffic. The discussion highlighted the usefulness of the results, but as well the importance to present them in a balanced way, in order to show the development in the different countries adequately.

Concerning WP 5, the Financial Plan focused on selected pilot projects and WP 6 SEE Spatial Planning & Transport Axis Strategy the work has not been completed yet as the WPs have been depending on the outcome of the other WPs. At the meeting, the next, final steps and the deadlines for necessary input have been agreed.

Additionally, the meeting was important for the preparation for the final conference that will take place on 28th and 29th of August in Slovenia.

Overall, the meeting was a good opportunity to see the expected  outcomes and benefits of the SEETAC project. The project has been carried out at a period which is very important for the infrastructure development in Europe due to the discussion on new guidelines for the TEN-T network. Besides a new orientation for the infrastructure development within the European Union in EU27 these guidelines also include a view on the networks of SEE, taking into account the results that have been reached by SETO.  This integration of the network of non EU Members and candidate countries is an important step both for these countries and the EU. SEETAC can provide both as a platform of discussion and by its outcomes an important input in that process that has been started but not completed yet.

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