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Newsletter 12 - December 2010

SEETAC team wishes you a Happy 2011!

SEETAC's Second Ministerial Conference in TiranaSEETAC's Second Ministerial Conference in Tirana

After the first successful ministerial conference held in Bucharest, Romania, SEETAC's (South East European Transport Axis Cooperation) Second Ministerial Conference took place in Tirana, on 16th November 2010.

The conference was organised by the Albanian Ministry of Public Works and Transport in cooperation with the Central European Initiative, involving almost all the Ministries of Transport and Infrastructure present in the South East Europe, financial institutions su...read more

Interview with Mr. Sokol Olldashi, Minister of Public Works and Transport of Albania

1. SEETAC is managed by the Central European Initiative, the oldest regional forum including Albania in its membership since 1996: do you think that a regional forum like the Central European Initiative can be of help for a non-EU country to get closer to the EU, its institutions and policies?

Albania has joined the CEI in 1996 and ever since that moment, it has taken great advance of participation in various activities organised under the framewo...read more

Strengthening Transport Networks in South East Europe: The Way Ahead for European Integration SEETAC meeting with Members of European Parliament

European Commission and relevant stakeholders

On 9th December 2010 the SEETAC Project was successfully presented at the European Parliament in Brussels during an event co-organised by the Central European Initiative (CEI) and hosted by Hon. Antonio Cancian (Transport and Tourism Committee of the European Parliament).

The general objective of the meeting was to discuss the challenges of Western Balkans on their path towards integration into th...read more

6th Annual Meeting of Ministers on the Development of the South East Europe Core Regional Transport Network " Common problems - Shared solutions" - Sarajevo 1 December 2010

The 6th Annual Meeting of Ministers on the Development of the South East Europe Core Regional Transport Network " Common problems - Shared solutions"  was held in Sarajevo on 1st of December, hosted by South East European Transport Observatory (SEETO) and the Ministry of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Meeting was attended by high level delegations from the Transport and Infrastructure Ministries of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia...read more

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