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SEETAC's fifth project meeting held in Zagreb, Croatia

On 14th and 15th October 2010 SEETAC's 5th project meeting was held in Zagreb, Croatia. The meeting was organised by the Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure in cooperation with the project Lead Partner - Central European Initiative (CEI). Ms. Katarina Čop Bajde, Head of the Department for Infrastructural Strategic Objects, opened the meeting by underlining the importance of the project and its progress.

This meeting was particularly relevant because Mr. François Bégeot from the DG Mobility and Transport, Department for International relations and Enlargement participated in the discussion. Mr. Bégeot expressed the Commission's will to support the project and the intention to create synergies with the work carried out by the SEETAC Partnership. At the same time SEETAC partners expressed their wish to cooperate closely with the Commission during the whole process of data collection and development of multimodal transport scenarios. Indeed, the project aims at contributing to the ongoing TEN - T revision process, which began 2 years ago. It was agreed that cooperation with the EC would be strengthened and that dedicated meetings in Brussels, with TEN tec unit or other relevant actors will be organized, to put this cooperation into practice.

Furthermore, SEETAC project partners presented the related strategic programmes and projects, together with their financing mechanism, both through national and EU funds. The discussion was mainly focused on the ongoing data collection process and methodology to be adopted in case of missing data.

The Albanian Ministry of  Transport and Public Works confirmed that the next Transport Ministerial Conferences for the SEETAC project will be held on November 16th 2010 in Tirana.

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