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Memorandum for the reconstruction of the road Sarajevo-Podgorica-Tirana

At the 6th Annual Ministerial Meeting on the Development of the South East Europe Core Regional Transport Network, held in Sarajevo on 1st December 2010, Mr. Andrija Lompar, Minister of Transport of Montenegro, Mr. Rudo Vidovic, Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mr. Sokol Olldashi, Albanian Minister of Public Works and Transport signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the reconstruction and modernization of the road Sarajevo-Podgorica-Tirana (Route 2b), between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania. "The Memorandum is an expression of willingness and ability of the States' Parties to work together and contribute to the improvement of this important road, which is on the primary regional network in Southeast Europe marked with R2B", stated the Montenegrin Transport Ministry. Earlier Montenegro and Bosnia had already signed an Agreement for the reconstruction of the Sarajevo-Podgorica road.

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