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Bulgaria announces a tender for the highway to Greece

Early March Bulgaria's government announced the tender for the construction of the first lot of the Struma Highway, running along the main route between Bulgaria and Greece. The Lot 1 section between Dolna Dikanya and Dupnitsa is 17 km long; and € 68 million necessary for its construction is guaranteed by the EU and state funds. The deadline for selecting a company to construct the road and a supervisor is July 2011.

At the same time, Bulgaria's Road Infrastructure Agency started evaluating the submitted bids for the construction of the Lot 2 of the Maritsa Highway. Ten companies took part in the public tender for the construction of the 34 km lot from Dimitrovgrad to Harmanli. The estimated construction costs are of LV 200 million (about € 100 million), and the deadline is 27 months from the date of the contract signature. On this occasion, public tender requirements were made stricter if compared to those for the Trakya Highway, after the Moststoy  building company, in charge of the construction of the segment between Yambol and Karnobat, declared bankruptcy. For this reason, only companies that had previously built highways in Bulgaria can now bid for the Maritsa Highway.

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