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Final Considerations

Conclusions of the Ministerial conference at Bled on 29 August 2012 and Final Conclusions of the SEETAC project


The Final Conference of the SEETAC project took place while the revision of the TEN-T guidelines and the establishment of a new financing mechanism (CEF) are under discussion in the European Parliament and the Council.


In this context, the SEETAC partners:


General Considerations

- Advocate the need to reconsider the SEE as a key element of the EU transport system, acting as a bridge between Europe, Black Sea, Turkey and further to Middle and Far East. All Western Balkan countries are either candidates or potential candidates for EU membership. To reach this goal, they have to fulfill all the criteria and conditions required for membership. Regional cooperation is one of the preconditions for their successful integration into the European Union and is therefore also an essential component of the Stabilization and Association Process (SAP).

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The South East European Transport Axis Cooperation - SEETAC project was funded under the South East Europe Programme.


The Project area is an important transit one within the European Transport Network and an essential region to link Europe with the Far East.



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