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Interview with Artan Guxho

  • Project Officer of World Bank Group Office in Tirana - Albania
  • Newsletter: Special edition - January 2011

1. Which are the main financial facilities offered by the World Bank (WB) for the infrastructure and transport sector and which of them are mostly used by the Albanian recipients?

The World Bank is mainly offering its support through loans to the Central Government for the preparation and implementation of the priority investment projects, i.e.: roads/highway sector, energy, water supply and sanitation. The financing of the said projects is usually coupled with other donors financing and/or grant funds - the later with the intention to support, but not limited to, preparation of studies, technical assistance and supervision, as well as capacity building.

In parallel, through its International Financing Corporation (IFC) arm, the Bank is supporting private sector participation in infrastructure, either by being part of a specific concession agreement and providing funds for that, or acting as a transaction advisor, on behalf of the Government, in order to realize the concession agreement proposed by the Government and/or private sector.

2. How has the financial and economic global crisis influenced the present WB branches lending and technical assistance activities in South Eastern countries?

The World Bank is usually supporting countries through setting and defining in advance a 3-4 year Country Partnership Strategy (CPS), in which the main directions/areas of support are defined and potential projects identified, within lending envelope, in agreement with the Central Government. Saying that, the actual CPS (2010-2014) and the respective lending envelope for Albania was not reduced and/or suffered from global crisis. However, the Bank and GoA are trying to maximize its expected results, prioritize better the use of

funds, with a special focus on tangible results on the ground, less transaction costs for the country and beneficiaries, and more effective use of the available financial resources.

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