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About Seetac

The South East European Transport Axis Cooperation - SEETAC project was funded under the South East Europe Programme.

The Project area is an important transit one within the European Transport Network and an essential region to link Europe with the Far East. SEETAC aimed at analysing possible integration between the Western Balkans (WB) and the EU transport systems in order to generate transport continuity and infrastructure development in the European area and beyond, thus implicitly leading to a rising competitiveness and economic development with the ultimate aim to integrate the WB countries in the European single market. Moreover, the project contributed to the solution of cross-border bottlenecks and lack of harmonization among the participating countries. It tackled both administrative problems, such as missing institutional and legal transnational framework, as well as common safety, security and environmental standards and harmonisation of transport modes.

The overall project objective was the establishment and implementation of an effective and coordinated South East Transport Axis (SETA) framework, promoting and fostering the institutional cooperation between PEC structures and Member States in order to reach the EU's objectives of (i) transparency & information reliability; (ii) harmonised and efficient institutional framework and; (iii) rapid implementation of the transport priority projects.

The project offered significant advantages to all the partners in terms of spatial planning and regional cooperation and integration, and contributed to solving the existing problems in the traffic sector. A close cooperation among the main actors facilitated matching of future investments, planning of cross-border projects and agreements on measures for the elimination of non-physical barriers (for freight and passengers/tourists) thus raising awareness of political decision makers and public opinion on the aims and priorities along the Axes.

The project began on 1st April 2009 and lasted for 42 months, until 30th September 2012.

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